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Big Elephant Play Team

Here we would like to introduce our experienced service team who are always dedicated to deliver health and happiness to every kid on the planet. With an average knowledge with children play equipments over 15 years, our product specialist will provide overall consultancy on product design, craftsmanship improvement, cost control and order fulfillment. The key reason for the trust Big Elephant Play team gained from our partners is their unparalleled persistance on the safety and quality. Besides, every single demand from clients will be studied and fulfilled by our “Customer Focus Team” where experts on all relative fields are involved.We treasure every chance directed to Big Elephant Play team, you can always access our team with either of contacts below.
    • pafic General Manager Cherry Xu
      Cherry Xu
      General Manager | Deputy Management
    • Pafic President Maggie Wang
      Maggie Wang
      President | Deputy Management
    • Pafic Sales Director Frank Jiang
      Frank Jiang
      Sales Director | Deputy Management
    • Pafic Line Manager Claire Xin
      Claire Xin
      Line Manager | Playsets & Accessories
    • Pafic Regional Account Manager Hedy He
      Hedy He
      Regional Account Manager | Middle East & Europe
    • Pafic Line Manager Amy Dai
      Amy Dai
      Line Manager | Sports and Fitness
    • Pafic Regional Account Manager Rita Xue
      Rita Xue
      Regional Account Manager | USA & Canada
    • Pafic Operation Manager Jackie Yang
      Jackie Yang
      Operation Manager | E-commerce and Social Media Campaigns
    • Leo Li
      Chief Engineer | Product Design and Developing
    • Henry Jiang
      Product Engineer | Structural Building
    • Yang Lin
      Product Engineer | Structural Building
    • Heidi Zhang
      Manufacturing Engineer | Process Design
    • Sophia Sun
      Assistant Engineer | Drawing Management
    • Koma Ma
      Product Designer | Innovation and Rendering
    • Shujun Jiang
      Graphic Designer | Visual Communication